Slumber Piggies


County fairs are usually loud and wild affairs. There are many rural areas in Western New Jersey, and I love to frequent the events held here because you just never know what photo opportunities you're going to find.

This year's Hunterdon County fair, not far from home, is just an example. And while I learned a tremendous amount about tractor pulls, and enjoyed watching teenagers pummel each other while encased in huge, inflatable combat balls, the main attraction for me is always the animals.

With no shortage of photo opportunities, I went on the lookout for the image that would speak to me. Horses, cows, sheep, and even llamas sometimes participated and posed for me, but often not, and as the day began to wind down, I thought I might go home empty handed. But then until I came across the baby pigs.

These rough and tough piggies were having a great time playing in the hay, enjoying a good meal, slurping a few water drinks, and having an all-around good time hootin' and hollarin'.  And while the melee was an alert photographer's dream, it wasn't until the gang had tired themselves out that I caught this guy smiling good night to me as he tucked in with his brothers and sisters for some well-deserved rest.