Ben Franklin Bridge Sunrise


Whenever I visit Philadelphia, I’m always taken back by the enormity and incredible high elevation of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge connecting Philadelphia PA to scenic Camden NJ.  I have even walked on the pedestrian path looking for photo opportunities, but within the first quarter of the way up, my acrophobia gets the best of me, and the suicide hotline phones and signs don’t help.  However, safely under the bridge you can find the wonderful Race Street Pier, so called because the early city dwellers illicitly raced horses like hot-rods on the street down towards the Delaware River long before the bridge existed.

Thanks to the ‘Photo Pills’ app that gives all manner of details about sun, moon and milky way rise and set times, I embarked on a brutally early Sunday morning run to shoot Philadelphia’s awakening. The weekly clouds broke just in time for the sunrise and I was gifted a bonus as the sun bathed the underside of the bridge in beams of light framing the sunrise with the bridge